Scoobi Cover Image
Project timeframe:
Jan 2021
My role:
Design Lead
Team composition & credits:
Product Lead Andy Powell
Design Lead Olga Osinceva
Branding Proposal
iOS App Proposal
Admin Portal Proposal

The product

Scoobi MockupsScoobi Admin Portal


Scoobi is a mobile application-based on-demand mobility service for individuals to their preferred destination using an electric moped. This project was a design-only proposal; the client decided to take a different direction.


I felt a strong contemporary feel was substantial in the brand because of the young target audience. I updated the colors to be bold and memorable rather than neutral, while keeping in mind visual pollution and how scooters will fit into a city's visual palette. Because of this, I kept black and blue as the primary colors while accenting with a bright complimentary green and lilac color combination.

The brand

Scoobi Color PaletteScoobi Logo


I tweaked the logo's font and connected letters to make it look more streamlined. The original logo evoked a "retrofuturistic" look, and I decided to follow this same direction. The neon color choices complement this look and feel.
Scoobi TypographyScoobi Colors

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