Project timeframe:
Mar 2020 - Aug 2020
My role:
Design Lead
Team composition & credits:
Product Lead Kate Topchii
Tech Lead Juraj Čarnogurský
Design Lead Olga Osinceva
Software Engineer Furkan Doğu
B2B Platform
B2C iOS App

The product


As a result of servicing hundreds of clients, Storyvine uncovered the meta stories that every organization needs and launched its extension product, Storyvine NOW, enabling its clients to automate their stories into polished videos in minutes.


Storyvine makes it easy for businesses to let their people tell their own stories. The company decides what stories they want to be told, and the Storyvine app guides people step-by-step through the process. The Storyvine builds pre-defined kits and the meta stories for each use case. A Business can purchase a subscription and gets the ability to produce user-generated videos at scale with “Auto-Magic” editing.
Check out a live version of the marketing website at


The goal was to create an easily understandable product that stores all the necessary functionality for professional video production management and uses the visual language that compliments Storyvine’s welcoming and friendly approach.


The biggest challenge was fitting a variety of very specific and professional video management functionality in a tool that requires minimum to no training. Most Storyvine’s users have no previous experience using video production tools, so I paid extra attention to ensuring that every action seemed clear and easy to complete.


While working with branding, I mainly focused on simplifying existing brand elements, updating and modernizing the general look and feel. The UI is made for less technical users and has proven to be clearly understood while hosting user interviews. I also created custom illustrations for the platform and the marketing website as an additional element to make the app seem more friendly and memorable.

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